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A few tall tell signs your opener might be going bad.

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

There is many different moving parts on your garage door. One of those parts that gives us ease of access into the garage is the opener. The opener functions as an assist to the springs to opener the door functionally. There are a few signs to let you know that it may be time for a new opener. One of the tall tell signs is the garage is starting the open slowly. When the opener starts to get sluggish it shows it dosent have the same power as it once did. Another sign is down here in South Florida when we do garage door repairs we also see the functions of the garage are almost like they have their own minds. Without the use of the clickers or button the will start going up or down by themselves. This shows the hardware on the inside such as "the brain" of the opener is starting to go bad. This happens alot in really humid areas of the openers have some age to them. One more way to tell that your opener needs to be replaced is hitting the button to open the garage and you hear a click and no movement from the opener at all. You can always double check to see if the lock button is on but without any flashing of the lights shows the gears inside of the opener are ground down. Theres no connection with the cogs inside the opener. Like a clock without those plastic cogs making contact the opener wont work. These are some tall tell signs you will need to replace your opener. Remember to always call a professional for all your garage door repair needs.

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