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Are your saftey sensors bad? 

The saftey sensors " saftey eyes" can cause your opener to not work properly. It could possibly be due to wiring of the saftey eyes or the sensor itself could be bad or damaged. When checking the saftey eyes are lined up they both should be glowing. It's a laser trip system if theres an obstruction it tells the opener to go back up. If you see one sensor is not glowing try and lining them up, if that dosent work then you would need a new sensor. Sometimes the wiring in the sensors since the wiring is very thin they can break or separate especially with the humidity we get in South Florida. When you do have one sensor bad and lights not on when you go to put your garage door down it will not go down it will sense theres something blocking the lasers. You can tell if you need to hold down the button the whole time to close the garage door. These sensors should last the duration of the opener but sometimes they dont. Remember to always call a professional for any type of garage door repairs doing garage repair yourself could result in injury and or death.

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