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Chain Or Belt

There are many opener options on the market. But which one is best for you? On average I would say about 75% of our calls a coustomer always asks which is better? But there is no easy question to that answer. it mainly comes down to personal preference. There are pros and cons for each. For instance, with belt openers will be quieter than a chain hands down. But, in my opinion the belts dont last nearly as long as a chain does. With a chain motor it will be louder and will most likly will have to put some tension back on the chain before the duration of life is over with the opener. They both have their matience that they need but differ slightly. As of right now you do have alot of options for both motors and different horsepower for both. So of you want a quiter opener but risk changing the belt sooner than a chain I would reccomend a belt. If you dont mind the loudness and have a longer life span then the chain is for you. So the argument or even question chain of belt could be summed up to a few questions to the coustomer remember to always call a professional for any type of work on your garage door. Repairing your own garage can be deadly and could result in injury and or death.

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