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Common issues common fixes.

We get called out to all different sorts of jobs. And some of them are very common fixes that dont require major projects of hours of time. Let's say minor fixes. I wanted to go over some of the very common issues we run across so you can do some self diagnosing at home before the professional comes out. So one big common issues we see are with the "saftey eyes" or commonly called sensors. The sensors can be a tall tell sign on why the opener may not be working or you have to press and hold the button for the garage to go down. Since the saftey eyes have a laser line if they aren't leveled with each other it can trigger the opener saying there is a obstruction when there isn't. Or, if one of the saftey eyes are bad or the wire needs to be wiggled to come back on. If you see these issues you need to change the sensors. Another common problem is when you either go to close or open the garage and it dosent move at all coustomers may feel the motor is bad but in fact before changing the motor check the keypad on the inside of the garage to see if the lock is on. If the lock is one maybe was flipped by accident it locks down the opener. And, it wont function. Another common problem we see is when the motor arm pulls out or a loud bang when opening the garage the lock on the door itself might be on and can cause alot of damage to the door. Lastly another common problem we see is the bolts on the tracks for the garage. Due to vibration of the door going up and down they might loosen over time. Its always good practice to check them from time to time. These are some common problems you might run across. Remember to always call a professional for any work done to your garage. Doing any type of work to your own garage may result in injury and or death.

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