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Convert extension spring system to a torsion style. 

So on average we see 80% of single car garages have extension spring system. These types of systems work independently and also you can tell by seeing the springs on each side of the track. so, you may see the garage itself might shimmy side to side while going up or down. The torsion style spring has the whole tension on the door equally you can tell if you have a torsion spring system if you see the one or two springs on the pole right on top of the garage door. The styles may differ but In the long run torsion style conversion will be best. Converting the system from a extension style to a torsion style is just alittle bit of work. Making sure theres a proper wood mount on the top of the garage door to anchor the spring braket to and changing out the cables also and you can convert the whole system within 1 1/2 hours. We have converted quite a few extension spring systems. #garagedoorrepair #coralsprings #garagedoor #parkland

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