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DIY Garage Door Repairs Safe?

There are alot of moving parts for a garage door to function properly. But is it safe for a home owner to do any repairs to a garage door? I've been to many of houses were the home owner may have tried to "fix" things themselves. And the outcomes vary to major crooked doors to the door actually coming off the tracks also a few times damage to the drums and or cables. The only part of the garage door system I would reccomend that you can do as a DIY project would be a new opener. It dosent effect any of the mechanical portions of the garage door. There are many YouTube videos out there that some may think it looks easy enough. But the reality is it's very dangerous and can lead to serious injury and or death. Please leave garage door repairs to the pros especially if you have never done any type of garage door work before. Always call a professional for any functioning part on your garage door.

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