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Do your cables and drums need to be replaced? 

There are only a few major mechanical conpontes to a functioning garage door. Some of the most important are springs, cables and pulleys. When these pieces are functioning properly your door will be able to glide effortlessly up and down the track. But a silent danger can be growing. Not many customers ever pay attention to the cables and pulleys on the garage door. They are tucked into the tracks and run on each side of the pole at the top connected to the springs. These cables over time will start to fray or even pinch in certain spots if there was a shift in the door. When these cables get damaged it could cause catastrophic damage to the door leading to a crooked door or even worse needing a whole new door. It's always good practice every few months to check the cables for freys or bends in the cables. The pulleys on the other hand should be changed roughly ever 10 years. The cables wear down the grooves in the pulleys that can cause slippage. Once that cable slips it could lead to a crooked door also. Remember to always call a professional for any type of work that needs to be done to your garage door. Fixing your own garage door could result in injury and or death.

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