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Do you have too much stuff by your garage door?

So we get alot of calls. And on average I would say any where from 20/35% of our calls are crooked doors. These type of calls are always caused by something either being the cables, drums or objects in the way. One call we did this lady had organizers bu the tracks and a bag got stuck in the drum. Its always good practice to not pile stuff near or close to the tracks for the garage or right on the sides od the door. Any time I go into a garage and I cant work due to stuff in the way sometimes I have to come back with everything is cleared out. So it's very important to keep stuff around or near the door or track. Remember to always call a professional for any type of work on your garage door. Repairing your own garage could result in injury and or death. #garagedoorrepair #coralsprings #garagedoor #parkland #brokengarage

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