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Do you need new rollers??

There are many functioning parts on a garage door. They are all each very important for your garage to be working at optimal level. We will be talking about rollers today. The rollers keep the door in the track and gliding smoothly for the up/down action of the door. When rollers start to get old and worn out we have seen at some houses where the wheel on the roller itself will pop off. And, the door is in danger of further damage as well as coming off the track itself. The bearings inside the rollers wear and they could also leave the roller in a stuck position that grinds against the track going up and down. These are all good signs that the rollers need to be changed. Especially if you have the steel roller heads on them. Not many people think about the rollers when having a professional come out to service the door. But it is a very integral part of having a properly functioning garage door. We also educate our customers when going to a job site about proper care and matience that would need to be taken for their garage to stay in the best of health. I would say on avrage 90% of our coustomers still have rollers that are 20 plus years old and look like they will fail very shortly. Is a very cheap fix to spare yourself a heavier expensive if the door goes crooked or worse comes off the tracks all together. Remember to always call a professional for any type of work being done to a garage door. From repair to replacing always make sure you call the right company.

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