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Do your garage springs have enough tension?

We take all sorts of calls dealing with issues from large to small with garage doors. But one thing we do see alot is improper tension on springs. Over time with vibration the spring could back off a bit and cause the spring to have less tension. Or maybe you got new springs and the tech didnt put enough tension on the spring to begin with. There are many possible factors involved. But not having the proper tension on springs could cause alot of damage in the long run. Per the DASMA guidelines when the springs are balanced the door opened half way should stay there. If the garage door slams down theres not enough tension. The garage door wants to shoot up the door has too much tension. Any time we go to a House we always show the coustomer the springs are balanced and doing their jobs. The type of damage you could possibly see from a spring with improper tension on it is. First it really puts alot of stress on your opener lets say there isnt enough tension on the spring the opener has to replace that extra weight from the door. So, in return the opener will have a shorter life span. Also not enough tension could put wear on your cables and drums. There would be more pull on the cables if the springs didnt have enough tension. If theres too much tension the door could fly up if incase of emergency you hit the manual pull switch and too much tension the door could possibly roll off the tracks so any time you have your springs adjusted or springs replaced I urge all home owners to have the tech show you the door is balanced. Not using the proper springs is really dangerous and life threatening. Remember to always call a professional for any type of work on your garage door. Doing repairs or replacements your self could cause injury and or death.

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