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Getting Ready For A Hurricane?

This week has been very busy with the preparation for hurricane Dorian. We have been seeing all kinds of calls from broken springs to crooked doors. But not many people are even looking at proper mouldings and weather strips around the door. The weather strips and mouldings provide extra protection form pressure coming into the garage itself where it could cause major problems internally as well as door damage. a few options you would have is simply checking out the door. Is there any light showing when you stand inside the garage? do you have the proper impact/ hurricane door? how about the supports as well as proper locks on the sides of the garage. The pressure that builds up in the garage could make the door implode if its great enough. So making sure the garage is fortified and all the cracks in the weather strip and mouldings are in place you stand to be a lot safer during a storm. even up until a couple days you can call a professional to come out to see if everything is nice and safe for you.

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