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Insulated or non insulated that is the question

We talk to alot of home owners. and, theres a few that ask which is better insulated or non insulated. There are a few things to think about for each and the first view point is price. Conventional impact/hurricane doors here since we are in South Florida tend to be less in price than Insulated. So if price is a big factor driving you decision then insulated may run an extra 200 to 500 for the door. Another option would be if you spend alot of time in your garage maybe you do alot of mechanic work or converted your garage to another room then an insulated door would be recommended for you. With an insulated door on average it's any where from 15 to 20 degrees cooler in a garage with an insulated door than a non insulated conventional impact/hurricane door. The last view point would be for simplicity are you looking for alittle lighter of a door being time of emergency needing to open the door manually? Then non insulated would be for you. There are many options for garage doors and different styles for everyone. Here are a few view points on each insulated and non insulated door. Remember to always call a professional for any type of work you need done on your garage. Doing work yourself can result in injury and or death. #garagedoorrepair #garage #southflorida #garagerepair

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