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Is your garage 10 years or older? 

We go to alot of houses where the garage and all its moving are 10 years and older. Being theres alot of pressure on the cables and drums and also the winding of the springs up and down on a daily basis. Most people wont think twice about the mechanisms that are involved in the garage door but just like your car the parts on your garage door also get worn down. General rule of thumb every 10 years your should replace the rollers, drums,cables and if you have had alot of service to the door the pole the springs are on also. This will keep the longevity of the door if you are not planning on changing the door any time soon. This will make sure your working parts on the garage are in tip top shape and prevents a heavy future costs of repairing and potentially having to get a new door installed. It's always recommended to call a professional for any type of work on your garag

e door repairing your garage door yourself is dangerous and potentially deadly.

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