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Is your garage door not going up? 

The last thing you want is coming home from a long day at work. and, you click your opener button and the garage door dosent go up. There are many factors involved as to why it's not opening. We will go over a few with you. First major reason why the garage will not go up is a broken spring. So when you have both springs working properly one twists to the right and one to the left working together to lift the door up. When one spring is broken all the weight of the door is solely on that one spring making it very difficult to lift the garage door up. Another reason for your garage door not lifting up is the opener itself could have been going bad for some time and it finally went. When this happens you can see the light go on from outside but no movement of the door at all. The third reason which we see alot and could cause alot of damage to the whole door system is leaving the locks on this could cause the motor arm to pull out or the door to shift as well as break cables or pop a spring. These are some reasons for your garage door not going up when you come home from work. I always tell people to keep an eye on the springs and cables and make sure the locks aren't on. Remember doing any garage door repair or work yourself could result in injury and or death. Always call a professional.

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