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Knowing when to service your garage door. 

Sometimes there are some tall tail signs of when you need some work done to your garage door. And, some times there is very slight noises or movement that can be tragic to the door if not repaired or improved. The pulling grinding sounds you hear that are very noticable may be due to panel damage that they aren't lining up properly. and, also rollers that are really old that are getting stuck and grinding on the track. I live in Coral Springs and we have alot of heat in our garages that can dry out the grease on the rollers as well as belts on the openers. Belts themselves will clearly show the metal that's inside the belt will be visually be seen. Other movements such as the door getting stuck on the way up or catching could be due to springs not having enough tension as well as potential damage to cables that attach to the bottom of the garage door that helps assist the door up. Any type of slapping coming from the chain of the opener the chain itself might need to be tightened. These are some factors that may show you need your garage door either repaired or serviced. Always call a professional for all your garage door repair needs. Doing DIY projects on your garage door may lead to serious injury and even death.

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