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New door questions and answers. 

When we install hurricanes theres always frequently asked questions. Like what comes with the door? Would I be able to get a home owners discount? Does it come with an opener? These are some sorts of questions we are always asked. Here are some answers for you. Regarding what comes with the door. Everything that you see besides the opener comes with the door. This includes, new tracks, rollers, brakets,springs the door itself and all the hardware to install the door. Everything you can physically see is Incuded. What about the home owners discount? As we know each and every insurance company is different some might want you to have all impact windows and front door or simply hurricane shutters

for all openings. You would not be able to get a rebate with just a hurricane door and stock windows without hurricane shutters. Each and every door comes with all the equipment but does not come with an opener. If you have an existing one and its functioning I would still use that. If one is needed can always install one for you. These are some questions we get asked when installing a new door. Remember to always call a professional for any type of work on your garage door. Doing your own repairs can result in injury and or death. #garagedoorrepair #garage #garagedoor #service #labor #tradesman #southflorida #coralsprings #parkland

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