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The do's and don'ts  of Garage matience

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Theres a ton of information online about garage door maintenance and servicing. We wanted to mention some of the Do's and Don'ts with you. Your garage door is a working functioning part of your home. It protects your possessions, family and give you security. Not having a proper functioning garage door is like having a front door with a hinge broken. Some of the do's I highly reccomend are, make sure to change your rollers on your door. Having old rollers can cause more damage to the door and even make the door pull out of the track. Another tip is check your cables on the sides of the door. If you see the cables are starting to get frayed or a few strands are sticking out it's time to change the cables. If these cables snap it can cause major damage to the door also resulting in a new door. Theres also checking the door for balance. Opened manually with the motor not attached the door should stay in the half way position shouldn't fling up or down. This shows the springs have the right amount of tension if the door slams down theres not enough tension on the door and it needs more. Not enough tension can cause damage to the opener. These are some Do's in proper matience to your garage door. Now he comes the don'ts, you should never try to service your garage door yourself it could result in injury and or death always call a professional for any type of work for your garage door. Never use WD-40 on your garage door for brackets or rollers the spray can result in brackets breaking or damage to the rollers. Dont use LED lightbulbs in your opener it can lead to disruption the antenna so the clickers don't have the range needed. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your garage is running at 100% efficiency. Always remember to call a professional for all garage repair needs.

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