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What to do if you have a crooked door

We get calls all the time for crooked doors. Depends on the severity you can help level the door to get it back down and secure the door before a professional comes out. We all dont like the fact that our door isnt functioning and not being able to go down fully or stuck crooked is one of those major situations. If the door is less than 1ft off the ground you can try with alittle pressure pushing on the side that's up in the air, if that dosent work you can use a pair of vise grips and grip under the roller on the side in the air. Once that's done try and lift the side thats down to level it out so it can come down evenly. If the door is more than 1ft up and crooked recommendation would be calling out a professional it might require more work. But at least if its 1ft or less you can attempt to close the door so it's at least secure and closed. It's always good to get a service check on the door to determine if theres factors that may cause the door to go crooked. Such as, the cable tensions on each side of the door, old springs that may lead to failure that can cause a crooked door and also making sure the rollers on the door are free moving in the track and nothing is obstructing movement. It's always highly reccomend to call a professional dealing with garage doors can lead to serious injury and or death.

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