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What to do when your garage is broken?

Within the last few weeks there has been a big influx of calls. And, we've been getting a lot of the same questions. My garage door is broken what do I do? So there may be some people who are tempted to try and fix the problem themselves or just trying to use the opener to lift the garage even with a broken spring or cable that rolled off the drum. First off, it is very dangerous to try and repair your own garage. You don't let a surgeon do your oil change. The repercussion can lead to massive injury and possibly even be fatal. So once we get on the phone we ask what they see visually and reassure them not to touch anything until we come out to see exactly what's going on. Case in point there was a customer this week sent us pictures of a cable that rolled off the drum i instructed the customer not to use the door. They used it any way. And, caused more damage than just the cables. When dealing with garage door that have springs that are under extreme tension never think the problem will fix itself or you can just do the work without the proper tools. Always remember to call a professional. Like we always tell our coustomers the repair is less than a hospital bill or potential death.

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