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When having a tech come to the house

There's a bunch of companies just in the South Florida area right now. But is the company or the tech right for you? Here is a go to guide on what kind of questions to ask. and, things to look for while having a tech at your home. From the phone call to the transaction of payment there should be a clear understanding what the tech was called out for and what their recommendations they have. You dont want to have to pay major money for parts you dont need at the moment or for your specific needs for your repair. I know when I go to a home is when doing the repair that was needed I'll check the whole door and I will educate and show the owner and make them aware of my recommendations. I dont take it upon myself to do them and tell the homeowner. That's majorly dishonest and that would be a red flag right there. Also mention all problems with the door besides the problem having today. Such as, if the spring is broken but the opener has been acting funny the last couple of weeks mention it. You want to also be transparent with your tech to make them aware of all the problems big and small you may have. Ask for a demonstration of the door being balanced if you have replaced the springs. Every coustomer I have ever been to doing a spring job for I always show them that the springs are balanced. Balanced springs mean that the garage door is functioning properly. Unbalanced springs or the wrong size springs and really put a strain on the opener and can be very dangerous. Ask questions, dont be afraid to ask your tech any questions that pertains to the garage. There are no stupid questions. And they should be able to give you sound advice on the proper care and maintenance of your garage. Always remember to check the company out. What are their reviews like? Do they have a business address posted? Do they have a website? More exposure online can give you a better idea of the quality of work they do taken from the reviews they have from others. Remember to always call a professional for any kind of work done to your garage. Doing any type of garage door work yourself could result in injury and or death.

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